l'oli del mar


Jordi Esparza

Businessman from the property and agricultural sector
Barcelona native living in L'Ampolla.
A saying: "Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet." (Rousseau)
Lover of nature, animals and oriental philosophy.
Following in his father Francisco’s footsteps, and together with his brother Fran, he cultivates a large area of the olive terraces.
His distinctive character, his love of the territory and his vast experience in the sector guide them on the way to dignifying their olive groves.
Today, they are planting new varieties in order to enrich the palette of flavours, aromas and textures of their oils.

Sergio González

Advertising creative.
Valencian by birth.
Creator of the brand.
Often confuses reason and the heart.
His dreamer’s nature, together with Esther, Mar and Hugo, led to him discovering and falling in love with the terraces of olive trees, which hadn’t been cultivated for over 20 years, beside the Delta del Ebro and looking over the sea.
There they dropped anchor.
And effort and enthusiasm did the rest.
Today these terraces are a reflection of l'oli del mar’s commitment to organic produce.

About us

“There’s more to producing quality olive oil than meets the eye.
Together they have found a path of inner rebirth by undertaking the task of starting over again.
They have merged. A pairing where the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea and the ancient conception of the olive tree as a symbol of the earth come together.
Perfection is guaranteed.
l'oli del mar is the generous response from trees that feel good."
Carlos Pajuelo de Arcos