l'oli del mar


l'oli del mar, the ancient flavour of the Mediterranean

Sensory profile

  • Sevillenc

    In the nose: produces oils with medium-high fruitiness that are very rich in secondary aromas, both mature (apple and banana) and green (grass, almond and fennel).

    In the mouth: good, balanced body and notes of mature almond and nuts, intense and elegant, it is sweet with spicy and bitter hints.

    Colour: light green

  • Farga

    In the nose: produces oils with medium-high fruitiness that are rich in secondary aromas, with green aromas (grass, banana skin) predominating over mature (apple, banana).

    In the mouth: mild taste with a velvety feel, sweet opening and slightly prickly on the finish. Not very sharp. Mild and balanced in sweetness, bitterness and spiciness.

    Colour: golden yellow

  • Morrut

    In the nose: highly aromatic and fruity with notes of fresh leaves and green (artichoke leaves, almond) and mature (apple) secondary aromas.

    In the mouth: mild, sweet opening and a bitter and spicy finish with notes of tomato plant, well balanced with the sweetness.

    Colour: straw yellow

  • Arbequina

    In the nose: intense fruity aroma with fresh notes of cut grass and very rich in secondary aromas (apple).

    In the mouth: mild opening with an intense flavour of green almond and very balanced. Sweet opening, moderate bitterness on the finish, it has a very round mouthfeel.

    Color: light green