l'oli del mar


oil like it should always be


Exhaustive quality control is carried out in all processes: From growing and hand picking the olives one by one and by variety, to pressing and extraction at low temperatures, until finally being stored in stainless steel tanks in a protective atmosphere. In this way, we safeguard the integrity of the oil obtained and fully preserve its high content of vitamins, natural antioxidants and essential fatty acids that are vital for health, nutrition and wellbeing.

  • We use traditional methods to recover a flavour that should never be lost and improve these to produce an unique product. The use of mechanical methods does not mean industrialising the process. Finding a balance between tradition and new technologies is the best way to preserve and improve the product.
  • Calm, patience and experience are the key elements that mark the natural rhythm and there is no cutting corners, something which we consider vital for an integrated production process from start to finish.

All our oils are included within the most traditional line of the Baix Ebre-Montsià Designation of Origin, with its characteristic sweetness and excellent fruitiness.
L'oli del mar is also committed to a production strategy aimed at finding fresher, fruitier oils with more notable hints of bitterness and a greater intensity of aromas. This is why they have already started to plant new species and varieties and to investigate processes that will advance the optimal time for harvest and temperature control. Together with these new species an organic line is developing, with around 100 new hectares recovered and under the control and regulation of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Government of Catalonia.

l'oli del mar is packaged on request, in opaque containers to prevent spoilage from exposure to light. It has numbered, limited editions of the finest classified oils and varieties, highly valued for their organoleptic characteristics by tasting panel experts.

l'oli del mar is the fruit of solid and rigorous work, built on a dream but also on more than 25 years’ experience.